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Do you realise the value of communication skills?

Top 3 most valued skills on Linkedin

Communications skills are ranked in the top 3 most valued skills according to LINKEDIN

70 % say it's vital to their success

70% of professionals agree that presentation skills are critical for career success - SLIDESHARE

81% say it makes you more persuasive

EDELMAN study found 81% believe that CEOs who give persuasive presentations are more trustworthy and credible





Presenting skills

Be confident on camera

Being dynamic and captivating on camera is a LEARNABLE SKILL. Whether it is on Zoom presentations, Facebook Lives or coaching calls, you need to be CONFIDENT ON CAMERA.

Engaging content

Keep your audience hooked

You can learn to create content that gets your audience's attention, keeps them hooked and moves them to take action. Use research-backed methods to create engaging content.

Pro video set-up

Your budget home studio

Your audience will judge you within seconds. That's why in the virtual age, having a credible video setup is vital. It can be simple and affordable, if you know the pro's secrets.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

"I don't like how I come across on camera"

"I am not earning what I should given my expertise"

"I struggle to get and keep people's attention"

Hi, I'm Mark Egan. So how can I help you?

I deliver virtual presentations and workshops for clients around the world using just Zoom. I want to give you the skills to build a profitable business from your home, just sharing your expertise.


Debbie Milne, Consultant

"This has made a monumental difference to my confidence levels and ease with which I engage with others during a webinar, presentation, or online meeting. "

Sarah Janes, Entrepreneur

"Mark's training programme is fun, engaging and really boosts your confidence. If you need to go on camera to promote your business, this course is a no-brainer "

Paul McIntyre, Online Educator

"I wanted to make sure I come across as professional and credible on virtual presentations and coaching sessions. My main feedback on Empowered Communicator is it's a mass of actionable value at an amazing price."

It's time to scale your message and create your impact

Grow your audience,

Grow your income,

Grow your impact,

I am a former BBC journalist, but now anyone can broadcast themselves

I grew up in Hong Kong, Germany, South Africa and the UK. After working in TV and Radio for the BBC I decided to quit. I wanted to be my own boss . I travelled the world delivering media skills workshops.

BUT, then Covid hit. Flights, gatherings, was all shut down. Overnight my successful business was wiped out.

Luckily I had the skills to pivot to virtual training online. I knew how to set up a professional-looking home studio. My expeirence in TV and radio helped me make my trainings on Zoom more dynamic and engaging.

I knew how to structure the flow of a presentation to grab attention and reach people's heads and hearts. I understood how storytelling could make even the most dry subjects come to life.

BUT I realised many people with great expertise and a great message were not so lucky. They really struggled. That is when I started teaching these skills to experts, coaches and trainers.

You can now build a six or even seven figure business from home. With virtual stages like Zoom you can create more impact and income. Let me help you get there.


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